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Case Studies - Five Sisters Zoo – Hampton NET™ Bear Fencing

Five Sisters Zoo – Hampton NET™ Bear Fencing


The extreme test this particular fence would need to withstand is testament to the features and benefits of Hampton's NET™ high tensile product over more traditional steel wire and welded mesh fencing. The smooth animal friendly, knotted joint helps maintain rigidity and form, locking horizontal and vertical wires tight thereby providing a reliably safe and incredibly strong enclosure suitable, in this case, for bears.

With fence heights available up to an incredible 2.6 metres, Hampton's NET™ easily meets the 2.4 metre specification required for Five Sisters Bears.

"We chose Hampton's NET™ for the bear enclosure over the traditionally used welded mesh following discussions with the Highland Wildlife Park. We wanted a more natural barrier but with the same security of strength; we more than achieved this with NET™" Lynn McCuchie, Head Zookeeper, Five Sisters Zoo.

 "The Government affiliated vet commented during his recent visit that the new NET™ enclosure rates as a world class exhibit" Lynn McCuchie, Head Zoo Keeper, Five Sisters Zoo.