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Case Studies - Hampton NET™ Deer Fencing

Hampton NET™ Deer Fencing


The low profile knotted joint locks vertical and horizontal wires tight providing a fence that is not only much stronger than more traditional fencing solutions, but also retains its rigidity and shape when put under severe pressure. With no protruding ends, the knotted joint also helps prevent against injury to deer legs and pelage.

Versatility in mesh sizes allows Hampton NET™ to be configured to a variety of different specifications with fence heights up to 2.6 metres. This versatility gives the product a marked advantage over conventional hinge joint fencing where spacings are effectively fixed. Thus, if a standard Hampton NET™ pattern does not meet a particular user's needs, then it is easy to change the pattern to suit. This flexibility in the manufacturing process is just one of the features that makes this fencing so special.

As confirmed by Dr. Fletcher's contractor, "high tensile Hampton NET™ is almost self-supporting and far easier to erect". If it is required, an optional hinged line is an easy addition in the manufacturing process to enable a section of the fence at the bottom or top to be angled out, helping to prevent burrowing or scaling animals gaining access.


Hampton Steel Ltd manufacture a wide range of quality wire fencing products including traditional hinged joint stock fence, chain link fencing, barbed wire, line wires and staples supported by competitive prices and excellent customer service. All fencing is manufactured to BS EN 10223-5 from wire produced to BS 4102 and fully galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A.