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Case Studies - Kettering Town Football Club – Pitch Perimeter Fencing

Kettering Town Football Club – Pitch Perimeter Fencing

Forming the pitch's perimeter fencing system, Hampton NET™ was chosen for its exceptional strength, versatility and excellent rebound characteristics but also essential safety features. With its safer low profile knotted joint that locks the vertical and horizontal wires tight preventing movement under pressure, Hampton NET™ was the first choice fencing option for Malcolm Harris at Kettering Town Football Club.

"We wanted a fence that would not only fulfill in terms of safety for our supporters and players but also would retain its form under pressure and aesthetically be less intrusive than traditional welded mesh. Hampton NET™ could tick all those boxes but also exceed on durability," said Malcolm Harris.

"The FA and Calor League representatives have been to inspect the fencing as part of the ground grading process and were more than happy with both its functionality and safety attributes," said Malcolm.