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Case Studies - Lonsdale Angling Club – Hampton NET™ Otter Exclusion Fencing

Lonsdale Angling Club – Hampton NET™ Otter Exclusion Fencing


Stocked with various species including Trench, Carp, Roach, Rudd, Catfish, Perch, Orfe and Eel, this would normally be otter heaven for these cunning predators but with Hampton NET™, fence heights can be up to 2.6 metres, smaller apertures are easy to facilitate and the option of a hinged upper section allowing the fence to be angled out are all key factors to help in the prevention of otters gaining access. Hampton NET™ also features a low profile knotted joint with no protruding ends so, whilst helping to exclude the otters, they are kept from harm. Unlike other more traditional fencing options this incredibly strong joint locks line and stay wires tightly together so preventing predators from forcing the wires apart to increase the size of the aperture to gain entry this way.

With 960 metres of fencing needed to surround the Bailrigg Lake, selecting a fence that could help protect the prize stock was essential but not at the expense of the landscape; a boundary that could be aesthetically sympathetic was also very important.

"The high tensile Hampton NET™ used was nearly self-supporting which made the installation far quicker and easier. I believe Lonsdale has selected the best solution to help exclude otters, and one which will last for many years.' said Chris Alty.

'The quality of the fence is superb and the hinged top section a great deterrent to scaling otters. Any trying to burrow under will also be met by the lower part of the mesh which has been set 2ft in the ground' said Chris.