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Ostrich Fencing Hampton NET™

Hampton NET™

Providing the appropriate ostrich fencing solution for farming is imperative not only to ensure the safety of the birds but also meet compliance with local authority guidelines. Hampton Steel's high tensile Hampton NET™ fencing is tough enough to withstand impact from ostriches and flexible enough to guard against injury.

Apertures are designed to prevent entrapment of legs or heads with a recommended gap between the fence and the ground of 0.5 metres.

Alternatively, if predators are a concern, Hampton NET™ can be installed to fill the ground level 0.5 metre gap.

Manufactured to BS EN 10223-5. Wire produced to BS 4102. Fully galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A.

Ostrich Fencing

Hampton NET™ for Ostriches

Pattern No. Line Wires Roll Height (cm) Distance Between Stay Wires (cm) Standard Roll Length (metres) (Maximum Roll Length (metres)
HNHT 12/155/7.5 12 155 7.5 100 200