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Fencing for Wolves Hampton NET™

Quality fencing for wolves

Hampton NET™

One of the core features that sets Hampton NET™ wolf fencing apart from other fencing solutions is its versatility.  Line wires can be spaced from 2" upwards in 1" increments and stay wires set between 2" and 48".

Hinged Line - An optional hinged upper or lower section designed to be angled out to help prevent scaling or burrowing.

Hampton NET™ fencing is manufactured to BS EN 10223-5 and unless otherwise requested, all wires used are produced to BS4102 and galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A. 

Fencing for Wolves

Item No. Line Wires Roll Height (cm) Distance between Stays (cm) Typical Roll Length (metres) Maximum Roll Length (metres)
25/244/10 25 244 10 100 300