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Hampton Steel offer a variety of high quality fencing accessories including steel crank brackets.  These brackets can be used with various fencing configurations where an overhang of fence at the top requires supports.

Hampton's crank brackets can be affixed to wooden posts or Hampton's StapleloK metal posts and align perfectly to Hampton's hinged Hampton NET™ fencing helping to provide an excellent long life deterrent to scaling intruders.  

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Product Qty per Box/Bag
Steel Crank Bracket 1
Crimp 2.5mm 100
Hog Ring VR22 1600
Hog Ring Gun 1
Strainrite Fencing Pliers 1
Strainrite Crimp Tool 3 in 1 1
Strainrite Crimp Tool 5 in 1 1
Steel Screw 5.5 x 32mm 100
Wood Screw 6.3 x 45mm 100
150mm Galvanised Nail 25kg
M8 Zwasher 38mm 1000
Versalok Insulator (incudes 2 screws per insulator) 10