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Hampton NET™ Fencing

Hampton NET™ Fencing Hampton NET™ Hampton NET™

Strong, Versatile, User Specifiable fixed knot fencing

Hampton NET™

One of the core features that sets Hampton NET™ fencing apart is its versatility. Mesh sizes can be as varied as the application or sector demands and hinged lower or upper sections are an easy addition to the configuration. Stay wire spacings can be set at between 2" and 48" and line wires can be spaced from 2" upwards in 1" increments according to your requirements.

Vulcan High Tensile Fencing.

Hampton NET™ fencing is manufactured to BS EN 10223-5 and unless otherwise requested, all wires used are produced to BS4102 and galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A. 

Features and Benefits
  • Strength -

    knotted joint grips vertical and horizontal wires in position.

  • Ease of erection & maintenance -

    rigid joint design makes fence installation easier and quicker, requiring fewer posts.

  • Faster stripping ends -

    super fast stay wire stripping in just one snip per joint.

  • Animal friendly -

    smooth joint reduces the risk of injury to animals and people.

  • Extended ends -

    to make the job of the contractor even easier.

  • Cost & labour efficient -

    larger 500 metre fence rolls available.

  • Hinged line -

    hinged lower or upper section designed to be angled out to help exclude burrowing or scaling.

  • 500 metre rolls available

    500 metre rolls available

  • Quickfencer Approved

    Quickfencer approved

Hampton NET™ Fencing

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A choice of grades
  • HNHT -

    Full high tensile where the strongest fence is demanded

  • HNLHT -

    Lighter high tensile ideal for less demanding applications where additional fence strength is required

Grade Line wires Stay wires Knots
Nominal Wire Dia. (mm) Minimum Tensile Strength (N/mm2) Nominal Wire Dia. (mm) Minimum Tensile Strength (N/mm2) Nominal Wire Dia. (mm) Minimum Tensile Strength (N/mm2)
HNHT 2.50 1235 2.50 695 2.50 415
HNLHT 2.00 1100 2.00 695 2.00 415

'I can say that after six months Hampton NET™ has proven itself robust and well able to withstand pressure from deer'

Dr. john Fletcher BVMS, Hon FRCVS, PhD, ARAgS