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Transport and Security Fencing Hampton NET™ show/hide sector content

Hampton NET™

Hampton NET™ transport and security fencing is a strong, secure and aesthetically pleasing alternative to more traditional fencing options.

All these fences re available as either HNHT or HNlHT. 

  • 500 metre rolls available

    500 metre rolls available

Transport and Security Fencing

Hampton NET™ Fencing for Transport and Security

Pattern No. Line Wires Roll Height (cm) Distance Between Stay Wires (cm) Standard Roll Length (metres) Maximum Roll Length (metre) See Pattern Layout
19/183/5 19 183 5 50 200  
25/242/7.5 25 242 7.5 100 200  
11/122/15 11 122 15 100 500  

Galvanised Chain Link Fencing Chain Link show/hide sector content

Chain Link

Manufactured to BS EN 10223-6
Wire produced to BS 4102
Galvanised to BS EN10244-2 Class A
50mm mesh as standard
Other mesh sizes available
Available as low (under 600N/mm²) or high (over 600N/mm²) tensile

Galvanised Chain Link Fencing