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Detailed below are our steel wire badger fencing options suitable for the safe exclusion of badgers. We offer a optional hinged lower section designed to be angled out and buried to help prevent burrowing under to gain access. Contact us to find out more.

Badger Fencing Hampton NET™

Hampton NET™ Fencing can help to reduce the spread of Bovine TB.

Hampton NET™

Hampton's hinged Hampton NET™ badger fencing solution is designed to protect and safely exclude badgers.

Combining the versatility and strength of the Hampton NET™ with a hinged lower section provides the ultimate in badger fencing. The lower section is angled in the direction of the badger and buried a minimum of 450mm into the ground, guarding against even the most aggressive of attacks.

Smaller apertures and the superior strength of Hampton NET™ protects the badger from entrapment and safely prevents access to areas containing cattle.

Manufactured to BS EN 10223-5. Wire produced to BS 4102. Fully galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A

Badger Fencing

Hampton NET™ Fencing for Badgers

Pattern No. Line Wires Roll Height (cm) Distance Between Stay Wires (cm) Standard Roll Length (metres) Maximum Roll Length (metres) See Pattern Layout
15/158/7.5 15 158 7.5 50 200  
17/193/7.5 17 193 7.5 50 200  
19/239/7.5 19 239 7.5 50 200