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Hinge Joint Fencing

Hinge Joint Fencing Hinge Joint

Hinge Joint

Hampton's Hinge Joint fencing is available in various mesh sizes and patterns and suitable for many applications including horse fencing, stock fencing, forestry fencing.

All our hinge joint fences are manufactured to BS EN 10223 and unless otherwise requested, all wires used are manufactured to BS4102 and galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A.

Furthermore we recognise that our customers are professionals who understand their own requirements and who need to buy with confidence and ease.


Features and Benefits
  • Cost effective -

    traditional, durable fencing solution

  • Labour efficient -

    larger 500 metre rolls available

  • Flexibility -

    hinge design allows fence to flex under pressure but still retain its form

  • Choice -

    wide range of industry recognised patterns can be manufactured quickly to suit most applications

  • Eco friendly -

    100% recyclable

  • 500 metre rolls available

    500 metre rolls available

  • Quickfencer Approved

    Quickfencer approved

Hinge Joint Fencing

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A choice of grades
  • L -

    Lighter grade fence for less demanding or temporary jobs

  • C -

    Medium grade fence very popular for standard applications

  • B -

    Heavy duty grade

  • LHT -

    Lighter High Tensile, ideal for less demanding applications but where a very strong fence is still required.

  • HT -

    Full high tensile where the strongest fence is required

  Top & Bottom Line Wires Intermediate Line Wires Stay Wires
Grade Nominal Wire Dia. (mm) Minimum Tensile Strength (N/mm2) Nominal Wire Dia. (mm) Minimum Tensile Strength (N/mm2) Nominal Wire Dia. (mm) Minimum Tensile Strength (N/mm2)
L 2.50 695 1.90 695 1.90 695
C 3.00 695 2.50 695 2.50 695
B 4.00 695 3.00 695 3.00 415
LHT 2.00 1100 2.00 1100 2.00 695
HT 2.50 1235 2.50 1235 2.50 695